Choose Navcom Systems Fly as your pilot school for many reasons: we are situated in Świdnik, in the immediate vicinity of the International Airport Lublin, which facilitates communications and access to our facilities; all flights are made within the controlled airspace of a large airport, which guarantees supervision of professional air traffic controllers during all training flights, and creates the opportunity of acquisition of complete competence in communication and cooperation with air traffic control services, highly useful in leisure flying and absolutely vital in professional flying.

The Navcom Systems Fly pilot school is at the very start of its activity, so you will not find any opinions about us, but our management and instructors are very experienced people, our instructor pilots have didactic talents and most of them are active airline pilots. This guarantees high quality of training and the highest level of safety, and gives you the opportunity of orienting your training program to your aims that ultimately may include professional flying.
Getting your pilot training at our school you can get you Private Pilot License, but this is not the end – soon we will start training courses to the level of Professional Pilot.
You can start your training soon, and if you are willing to work hard and fly intensively, we guarantee full avail-ability of aircraft and training personnel, which allows rapid training though observing the required norms for rest.

We hope that you will come to appreciate the atmosphere at our school that is conducive to the process of training and that will give you the right approach to the passion of flying and will give the feeling of gaining the competence needed by pilots in their day-to-day work and in recreation.